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19 year old superstar Niall Horan, has a 10 Month year old infant girl. With his girlfriend 19 year old Jessica Griswold. A fight. Is what started it all. Nowadays they are fighting for custody over there 10 month year old daughter. Carly. Niall and Jessica want equal rights. Jessica… Read More
Story of a girl who gets hit by one directions car and suffers memory, how will she regain her memory and find love? Read More
A series of One Direction imagines ranging from sweet to dangerously sexual. I am able to make requests if you comment down below my Directioners and I'll be happy to make them.I will be happy to make dedicated and gay 1D shipments fro you guys xo. Read More
Skaylar is a 18 year old girl from London in England. She lives a normal life goes to highschool, have a best friend, and is a big fan of the boyband One Direction. If you want to know how the story goes, then read my book ;) Read More
harry styles has feelings for louis tomlinson but harry dident have the guts to tell louis so harry decided to write a letter to harry which ends up in tragedy. soo louis writes 99 days about what his going through this story is not mine but its such a great… Read More
Well Zayn and Niall are in the car and they get handjobs. WOO! Read More
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