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Adekoya Adetunji a poet from Lagos Read More
The DPO then turned around and faced the window again as he still mourned the dead senator. His door then opened and closed again. “I said you can leave me will …” The DPO swirled his chair and stopped short when he saw a strange… Read More
Oil manager based out in Nigeria needs an anniversary gift for his wife. Read More

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Your average Nigerian youths have conversation ranging from political to social issues and challenges. Read More
Unfiltered truth about my beloved country Nigeria. Read More
as you approach the marketplace in most metropolitan cities in nigeria, your eyes meet with the variegated heaps of rubbish behind dank brick walls, and the stench of black slimy gutters, mixed with the prevailing rotten fish and urine smell, hits you in the face like a baseball bat. Read More
...throughout the ages, all over the world, man has wondered what dream is... Read More
There is an ongoing ill in Nigeria's basic-education schools. An ill of which the culprits are chiefly the teachers and those in charge of them. A reason why, however schooled the Nigerian child may be, illiteracy would still reign an overlord. Read More
the unbridled desire to procreate has plunged and is plunging many in nigeria into yet deeper mire of impoverishment. newlyweds are urged by well-meaning friends and relatives to have sizeable number of kids and soonest irrespective of their capabilities and well being. thus, children are born with poverty as their… Read More
According to Amnesty International, USA, “We all have a sexual orientation and a gender identity, and this shared fact means that discrimination against members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, based on sexual orientation and/ or gender identity, is an issue that transcends that community and affects all… Read More
NYSC had been terribly abused, raped and bullied by some fantastically corrupt elements both in staffs, organizers and participant (Corps members)”; a lot of unscrupulous human beings have infiltrated and however sacrificed the integrities/standards of this wonderful scheme on the altar of their personal and egocentric interest. A lot must… Read More
This article paper discusses the high prevalence of moral decadence and depreciation in Nigeria and particularly among the youths. Read More

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Soon your country's oil will run out, and you will be sorry. You should read this to know what to do. Read More
A true life event that depict how crime can be smart and depriving/ This event actually occurred in the native city of the Writer; (Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria) who happens to be the consultant that got robbed. Enjoy it. Read More
An unbelievable piece of literature that will keep you biting your nails from start to finish! Read More
An engrossing tale guaranteed to make your spine tingle and your pulse pound! Read More

Book / Literary Fiction

August 18, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A compelling, provocative, masterful thriller guaranteed to leave you spell-bound with its suspense-filled intrigue and nail-biting finishes! Read More
a poem dedicated to Boko Haram to help bring back abducted girls in Nigeria Read More
The tragic fate that befell Akachi in Nigeria for being gay. Read More
An African themed play, set in the village of Ajaku. Death and crises seem to be the order of the day. Osundun, the Priest is saddled with the burden of proffering a solution; the King and the entire people of Ajaku village looks up to him. In a bid to… Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 01, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

this a poem calling on nigerians for patriotism, and to jettison bribery and corruption, as well as tribalism or sectionalism. this i believe will do the nation good. Read More
A poem I wrote for my youngest daughter who was born with a Rare Chromosome disorder. She is classed as disabled/Special needs. Read More
Cos no one in their right mind would vote for me Read More
In this Information, Telecommunication and Globalization Age that is transforming so rapidly into greater Wisdom Age, there is an urgent mandate to live beyond the tradition of working a whole month for a cheque. You can not afford to exempt yourself from the most powerful institution on the planet; working… Read More
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