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After an attack takes place in Bludhaven, Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing, decides to bring together a team of teenage superheroes to take on new evils arriving in Bludhaven and must work with them to expose the growing criminal underground. (Season One). Read More
In a world where DC and Marvel are mixed, people form different alliances, they have people of higher power as friends while some of the other heroes are still kept at an arms length. In this story Bucky and Dick have been dating for three years. They adopted a young… Read More
Falling in love often ends with one of the two cheating, the same goes in the DC comic universe. Loran manages to get a boyfriend, but he cheats on her with another. She ends up going into a spiral, as her heart was broken and we know that never goes… Read More
The first Robin. Please comment. Read More

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December 08, 2014

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Who is underneath the mask? Please comment. Read More

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December 05, 2014

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Poem about Batman Read More
Kathy is a bright young nursing student who has everything going for her. Her family is supportive. Her father is her boss. She has her dream job on Arkham Asylum and even getting married to a young cop. But fate has a way of changing in this city. How does… Read More
I am a product and victim of science. I was not meant for this world, but I find myself upon it. I found friends and life. I found peace.Then, I met chaos. When the world cries, I help calm it. I have risen up to defend what I now call… Read More

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This story takes place in gotham,metropolis,titans tower,and other significate locations from the dc universe. The main charcters include, but are not limited to Batman/Bruce Wayne Robin/Tim Drake Superman/Clark kent the new titans justice league and NightWing/ Richard Grayson disclaimer: I don't own teen titans or dc universe I do however… Read More
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