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Hi I’m Nikita, I want to tell you something about me before you tell me your name, I don’t want you to regret meeting me. This way, you can pretend you haven’t. I can move things with my mind’s eye, I could also kill you in seconds with the help… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(Complete) Past experience has thought her to be stronger and dependent. She has worked hard to ensure she has a better life so that she will not be humiliated and insulted by the rich again. However, after meeting with Leo Hendricks again 8 years later her world began turning upside… Read More
A runaway assassin from Russia who is dead set on taking down the Organization that caused the disappearance of her fiance . Now three years later , she lives in San Francisco under the alias Nikita Melrose and works for Social Services . By night however , she works for… Read More
This is a FREE VERSE poem I wrote with my inside feelings. This is how I feel at times. ): Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's only a few chapters long, not quite a novel (: Takes place in the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Nikita is a young girl from a high ranked family, until one thing open her eye to a different side of the world she's always lived in. Read More

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