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Deep in the forest, lies a stone slab. Carved into this stone are nine sockets. Eight of these sockets have crystals in them. The ninth is empty. When the ninth crystal is discovered by a young woman called Kati Flame, she unwittingly places it in the empty socket. An innocent… Read More

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Ninth grade, her first crush. Young Kitty Birkendoll has never liked anyone before. She never found anything in anyone to make her feel more for them than friendship. Now, fourteen years old, she finally meets someone who stirs emotions in her that are completely foreign. Frightened more than she's ever… Read More
I needed to write an article for my classes senior paper so i wrote a poem about the waits that occur throuhout a person's life in school. The purple roses are for my school's colors Read More
An essay, explaining Metallica's over-successful career. Read More
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