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a "heart felt" article Read More
Can I put my glasses? Can I put my hat? Can I put my mask? Can I... before I do that.... to put my fake costume? Can I..... Read More

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Sexual assault is often hard to prove . Was it sexual assault or not. Could the alleged assault have been anything other than what the claimant stated . Is the right man on trial can it be proven that man sexually assaulted the claimant. Has the claimant compromised her testimony… Read More
This was written for a friend - It's about a man named Terrat performing a vivisection on another man named Sa'ti. This has very explicit descriptions of blood, organs and gore. Read carefully! Read More
Created for an assignment in my PLP class. Read More
I decided to sit down and write about my life. It's kind of an autobiography but in the form of a normal fiction novel. I hope you enjoy my crazy life. Read More

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2017 is the year of " taking responsibility " for our words, actions decisions, choices ,health and wellness...make it a point to note any changes in your personal world....and address them... Read More
In poverty, there are times when people become overwhelmed with frustration especially when there are many mouths to feed. If you are illiterate and poor, it may mean pushing your children into various forms of labor at a very young age. Will Amanat educate them or will he continue to… Read More
I loved her Read More

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Odd Life is a first hand account of my life thus far as a sensitive to the paranormal and what ive learned along the way of discovering that I am a sensitive and have psychic abilities. I chronicle my experiences from my time as a VERY young child up to… Read More
A group of young adults go on an adventure to become super heros. This is the first of a series of stories. Read More

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The Forgotten India is a poem about India which is very adorable and admirable but everyone has forgotten about it. Read More
A Sorta Fairytale brings together in one edition the complete collection of short stories & prose by Mark Binmore. Read More
Simply Divine brings together two books in one - Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets & A Life Of Parties. Read More

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To Bring A Change is a poem about how to change the world or anything with just an idea in mind. Read More
Kya din tha wo jab mai usse mila or uske chehre me kho gaya.. Kya pal tha wo jab uski ankho me dekha or ma i uska hoke reh gaya.. Uska pasine se bhiga chehra mere dil me sama gaya tha.. Uski baaton ka jadu ruh se lipat gaya tha..… Read More

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Expectations Of People is a poem on the biggest expectation and problem of everyone, that is, money. Read More

Poem / True Confessions

April 13, 2015

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Your like an eterna of love Read More

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Freedom To Me Is... It is a poem about how I feel about freedom in this world. Read More
Ego is the cherry on the cake. Every cake worth its frosting comes with it. Read More
This is a true story where we who live in the woods have come face to face with nature and the animals who reside beside us and we have learned through our experiences that Bears Don't Like Naked People, Read More
Story of the Brown family history Read More

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A shootout aboard a River boat in a western casino sends an innocent school teacher to prison when he will not explain who started the argument , who was involved, who drew his gun first and who fired first. Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 09, 2015

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The God We Made is a poem that tells us that are many Gods in the world that we made but who made us is not known to us. Read More
In the spring of 1908 Lamar County was among the numerous areas struck by the chain of events Known historically as THE DIXIE TORNADO OUTBREAK In Mississippi the hardest hit were the communities of Purvis and Carnes, Mississippi what I have recorded here is the memory of one survivor 8… Read More
Science The Best Gift Of All is a poem tells that without Science nothing would be possible. Read More

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A Glimpse Of The Future is a poem about our future how will it be in my point of view Tell me your glimpse of our future. Read More

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This is the story of a dog. This is a heart-touching story which makes tears fall from any nature-loving person. Read More

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