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The Booksie Classic House

I am slowly working on this :) please leave some feedback as i go along. Anyways, here's a quick warning: This story contains; Child Abuse. Heavy language. Violence. Alcohol abuse. Underage smoking and drinking. Sex scenes (both Con and Non-con). Self Harm. And most importantly; GuyXguy relationship(s). If any of… Read More
He was surrounded by nothing but darkness, isolated from all sources of light. Hate became his shield. He may come across as a hard shell but deep down he just wanted someone to hold. Will contain yaoi, non-con, S&M and other rough sexual occurances in later chapters. VanVen Read More
Iaera is a creature born from the experiments of a mad scientist, who's looking for a woman to love. After continous and painful experiments, to make his creature more and more similar to the ideal of perfect woman he wants, Iaera was still 'wrong' to him. She was a female… Read More
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