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This is a story my mom told us. One of many of the experiences our family endured. Read More
A boy named Noah was a 19 year old male who lived in a village with his father, Theodore. They had to do everything in the hut as Theodore’s wife Iris had died. Without her, it wasn’t a happy family. Noah’s dad told Noah to do his flower job for… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Everyone has some untold stories or moments. Few of them might be at an urge to forget everything and move on, while few might be the sole reason for us to live this moment. Let us take a jiff to face that. Read More

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Rummage through a growing collection of thoughts and opinions of yours truly. Oft not more than mere ramblings, I'm writing here to see what I think and I hope it resounds somewhere with the readership. Of course, I welcome all engaging conversations that can be had. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When life has finally given Celia the chance to get over her past which tormented her, and live her best. A disaster struck! She's been forced to get married. Not just anyone, but to ''MR POPULAR''. An arrogant jerk. What would you expect from an arranged marriage? Probably arguments and… Read More
It's basically my own take on Naruto with a modern taste, action all over and some shockers, the story isn't done yet but I will be working on it, make sure to like the story if you get through a whole chapter :) Read More
A short opinion piece I wrote some time ago while I was living in Japan and North Korea started lobbing missile tests over the islands into the Pacific Ocean. Read More
Two person, Bella and her bother, Juan gets their life twisted with recent outbreak. One try to survive from it while other one use it to survive. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A true life story of love, passion, pain, denial and acceptance. We were made to love and show love. If we all do that diligently, the world would be a better place. Read More
Me trying to expose the sources of pain in life, honestly. Read More
A Non-Fiction book about the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's. Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

September 11, 2020

A Non-Fiction story about 9/11. Read More
The loathsome lullaby that comes at night. Read More
I created a story based on the dialogue of a primary school boy and the idea I acquired from a road construction in front of his school, while adding my own perspective and experience. Read More
This is a short essay on the problem of price gauging by some online retailers of new and used books--especially as it relates to college textbooks. Read More
The first of four books sharing a lifelong love affair. Based on the letters I found written to me by my husband during the Vietnam War in 1971. Read More

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"Three months into your eighteenth and not even 6 months of dating. A bit young to get married. Hope this story will prove it worked out nicely i..." Read More

IN PROGRESS. This is a redacted draft containing only the "most completed" parts. I honestly thought this would be long done by now but it's grown longer than I expected and continues to grow. Apparently there's a lot to say. Expected date of completion...???. Thanks to some valuable feedback I… Read More
I am Mrs. Mallika Satya. I am a fresher in writing. Read More
A poem about a trip to Emerald Lake. Read More
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