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Elliott is just getting their bearings on life after college when they accidentally reawaken an ancient god, setting off a series of events which threatens the very fabric of reality. Disasters! Cults! Clashing primordial forces! Can this creature of habit learn to embrace the unknown, save the universe, and maybe… Read More
A prince. A princess. A disguised royal guard. And the most powerful druid to ever live. The world has been at war for centuries. The peaceful druids against the rage filled humans. After a botched robbery, Kyrie, a young druid who spends her days pickpocketing the nobles of the human… Read More
When the fae came down from the moon in the 1930's, they claimed to have been on earth long before humans. They had simply decided to move to other worlds, such as the cold face of the moon, to make room for the humans to have a chance at life.… Read More
Timothy did something they shouldn't have; who ever knew borrowing a book from a library could cause such trouble? - The name comes from a book by Martin Waddell that I have always loved and featured in this short story for my English class. The prompt was "a character who… Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

December 17, 2018

Written 17/12/2018 Read More

Poem / Gay and Lesbian

December 11, 2018

Written 14/10/2018 Read More
Katherine’s Hate Journal has many sections and sub sections. People, bugs, school, food. The biggest section, though, is cliches. Which is why she freaks out when she gets a crush on the new girl in class and every cliche in the journal starts happening in her life. Read More
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Poem / Poetry

December 15, 2017

Sometimes it's really fucking hard being transgender Read More
Quinnly Forret has just moved into a brand new house but the town in which they now live is rather odd. And their neighbor keeps saying to leave by February or else something will "get" them? Read More
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