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WWII VETERAN VICTOR PETER NOVAKOVICH INTERVIEW about the trials and tribulations of WAR!!! Read More

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"This is some hard hitting stuff CSB ! war ends lives but it also changes lives...forever " Read More

Do you ever get the feeling of Deja Vu? Read More

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A short story about the landings in Normandy during World War 2. Read More
This is a short Haiku about our family house in France where I partially grew up. Enjoy! Read More
A Dutch civilian is recruited at the end of world war II, he is sent to omaha beach. What he doesn't know is that the Allies will attack the next day. Read More
Professor Robert Belhor has always been a cynic, however his world of science and logic is turned up side down when he meets a young woman in the Universite De Marne just outside of Paris. Read More
a touching world war 2 story based on the perspective of an american soldier and on the perspective of a soviet soldier. the odd chapters are narrated by the american soldier and the even ones by the soviet soldier. Read More
This is a poem about one mans regrets, and all that war has left him with Read More
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