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It's a small piece of work by which the narrator tries to present a picture of the postmodern world where there is nothing like reality, everything is a mixed expression of confusion and self-centered ambitions. Read More
This is a poem about how societal "norms" seek to control us while casting out those of us who refuse to conform. Also guys, this is for a school project so any ratings and/or comments are greatly appreciated! Read More
A reminiscence on a life a foreign student had during his years spent in a UK University. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A story of a human and an alien, both undergraduates sharing a boarding room. Read More
Non Being’s Positive Side Chap 6 Being What Is Not (I Self) While Not Being What Is (Me Self). What makes humans unique is that they have selves, an I-self and me-self. The origin of meaning can be traced to the intermingling of these selves in the I/me couplet. The… Read More
When the ambivalence/self connection is recognized, tolerant attitudes towards others follow. When the opposite occurs, -- when the ambivalence/self connection goes unrecognized, prejudiced attitudes towards others is the result. From time to time, I will share some of my university papers, and since most of my writing revolves around one… Read More
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