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The Booksie Classic House

Poems I’ve wrote, mostly from like 4-5 years ago. (contains fowl language, and horrible writing.) Read More
A paranormal cozy mystery. Randy Ratphink, baby boomer cum geezer boomer, flower-power fossil, way-past-never-trust-anyone-over-thirty sexagenarian suddenly finds himself dead—murdered—and his spirit won’t rest until he discovers whodunit! From his postmortem perch in the astral plain Randy’s life flashes before him like a Piggly Wiggly surveillance video. Determined to seek out… Read More
A collection of random memories from my childhood Read More
The first frosty nights took me back to my childhood years when things were more primitive, but beautiful nevertheless. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Anyone craving some rhyme? This poem gives a taste of how life often kept folks apart forever before social media existed. After reading, go right ahead and contact that old friend you've been missing! Read More

Poem / Young Adult

December 15, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Written after a long semester Read More
After the Great Depression, a young girl dreams of a Christmas miracle. But will it be what she expected? Read More
The descriptions of life from a depressed man Read More
If each day of the average human lifespan was symbolized by a squared centimeter of construction paper, there would be a rather disheartening mural titled "Average Human Lifespan" on this earth measuring only two feet left to right and top to bottom, reminding us that life is short and each… Read More
song lyric about early radio programs Read More
All the colors here are new colors and things are not what they seem (swear words are not swear words, you can google my color selection). The gypsy here is my cabin house in the mountains during my childhood. It is situated on a bolder with two overlapping sierras as… Read More
Friendship is the essence of life and an unforgettable journey. Come make your journey an indelible one. Read More
Short poem written in a crowded library. Read More
The wonderfully wacky world of George Burns and Gracie Allen Read More
Jack Benny, the lovable skinflint of the airwaves If you have time, please leave a comment. Thanks! Read More
A colorful glimpse into the origin of I Love Lucy IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT Read More
The colorful characters and programs of early radio IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT Read More
Those great old Burma Shave signs IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, I WOULD APPRECIATE A COMMENT Read More
The creation of "America's town" IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, I WOULD APPRECIATE A COMMENT Read More
This is a real story from my past. It was a time when I felt like my naivete could help me find true love and see certain people as capable of loving me back. I will let you read about it and create your own thoughts about times when you… Read More
Missing a time in your life where chaos was only in the movies? Take a journey to the past, when life was fun and hopeful. Read More
Do you long for your childhood toy? Does it evoke happy memories you wish you could capture again? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Join me on a nostalgic trip back to the days when the Radio One Top Forty charts was the main way for the Youth of Britain to hear the music that was a soundtrack of our lives.. From Prog Rock; Disco; (mostly skimming by Punk which was largely banned on… Read More
This is a collection of memories from my childhood and teenagehood in my small town in the south of italy Read More
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