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A teen girl works in her dad's pharmacy one day in 1959--thinking about boys, dealing with the changes in the community, and doing her job--until a strange development makes this no ordinary day. Read More
I wrote this after feeling very betrayed by a group of my closest friends. Although it's meant to be written to a group of people, I figured it would be more meaningful if it was written as though I was speaking to someone after a romantic fallout. Read More
Now middle-aged, the world's first scientifically documented virgin-born baby (who is later shrugged off as a 'divine fluke') sets about to write out his life story in a last effort to make sense of his disappointing, yet incredible existence. Read More
A really old poem about nostalgia and missing and missing an old friend that left me when I needed him most. Read More
The point of view of an old woman reminiscing her early years. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

“This is the story of why you left. But it is also the story of how I found myself.” Carter Scott leaves town on a sunny Sunday morning, abandoning Jane, his girlfriend of almost two years. Jane is left to deal with the aftermath of Carter’s absence and piece together… Read More
One story each for the members of this family. All are only about a page in length. A recurring theme is nostalgia, as well as music. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 11, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Some old friends go looking for their childhoods. Read More

Book / Sports

February 02, 2014

There’s a past era that was sacred, special and partially ruled by the game of baseball. It was mimically played on sandlots, curveballs and smiles abounded in the nation’s neighborhoods and the names of players and teams of the heroes of the diamond were magical. PLAAAYBALL! was originally conceived as… Read More
Dedicated to the late great actor, Jonathan Frid who, although he became famous for playing the role of a vampire, aroused sympathy towards the creature he played and not fear. This being though once human longed to returned to that state and to someone that he loved but did not… Read More
A visit to Amritsar, India, and the emotions that evoked. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story on ostracism. How the meeting of an ostracized boy with a person who received him changed his life. Read More
We lived in one house for 25 years. It was the house I grew up in and with which nearly all my memories are associated. We had to move eventually and this piece is my tribute to that house. Read More

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A poem written a long time ago in a middle school based on a short story written shortly beforehand. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

September 25, 2013

a woman finally returns home Read More
Short Summary - This is about a young boy growing up on a farm. He talks about his surroundings and what sticks out to him the most about the farm. He knows that no other place can compare to this, but suddenly he moves away and finds himself somewhere else.… Read More
A short piece about my my grandmother's house in Virginia. Read More
The Intent if this piece of writing is to make the reader recognize, and appreciate time. The piece will be all about time passing and people having to deal with grief, and how sometimes people can overlook some things in their sadness and not appreciate what they have in a… Read More
A nostalgic song I wrote about my friends and I Read More

Poem / Romance

August 21, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Your first love is unforgettable, the love and excitement, the butterflies but also the sting and pain left behind when it ends! So "unforgettable" definitely fits! Read More
Whenever the sudden death of a classmate rocks a college campus, the narrator struggles with his feelings on the matter. Read More
A few words about the stretching and shrinking of time as we rummage through our memories. A moment in your childhood can last forever in the mind of your older self. Read More
Some people don't have souls no more. Sometimes they trade 'em away for doing what's right, she said. Read More
Young love, first kisses and the infernal influence of old movies. Or: the dangers of smoking. Read More
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