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Nova and Astrid. Astrid and Nova. They were inseparable. But no, it's just Nova. Alone. Hunted. Feared. Read More
I kept running, without turning back. I couldn't let 'it' catch me... Read More

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October 30, 2017

Nova does some deep soul searching. And I vent at 1:15 in the morning. Read More
I just wrote this less than an hour ago. It's kind of my own therapy that I just invented. Much better than venting. I imagine it read by the guy that narrated Mary and Max. Read More
Humanity has had many conflicts amongst itself. But fighting along the side of righteousness were the most powerful men and women in history. Superhumans with amazing abilities, some used their powers for justice, others for their own personal gain. And as time progressed, the numbers of those seeking power grew.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(Book 2 of the Vampire Series) Nova and her friends find themselves in even more trouble when people from Lane and Sakura's pasts come searching for them. What do these people or monsters have in store for Nova and the others? Read More
Nova finds comfort in her best friend after she loses the love of her life. But can there be more to their friendship than what they initially thought? Read More
(Warning Some Cursing) A Epic Battle for Humanity Ensues with the Vita Nova, the Human Transport ship! Read More
There are realms connected to ours. Demon realms, realms of beast, realms of magic... Our link to these realms are imagination. Nova has more imagination than others though, a dangerous trait to have when there is an ensuing war against Slayers and Restorers, the opposing sides of a war of… Read More
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