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Jaime is a living a life that isnt really hers. She has been living with her "parents" for 15 years. When her past life catches up with her, she is forced to choose between her past life and the beggining of a new one. Read More

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A poem about my writing insparation Read More
an interview with reviewer Norm Goldman about the genre of Chrisian Romance Read More

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August 22, 2009

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HELLO! Character pictures for By the Begonia and When a Rose Blooms! Summaries for all the books planned in my two series including more character pictures. PLEASE COMMENT if you want me to post the next work in process and tell me what you think of the character pictures and… Read More

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Challenge!!!!join join join join! Read More
This is a short story I wrote when I was second year college. Actually this story has been my first favorite story of mine because this was the first assignment given by our professor in Literature subject. My classmates loved and appreciated this story. This story is all about love.… Read More
Dun dun dun.....behold! The winners are here!! :) LOL. Read More
5 novels which I think are well worth reading! Please check them out! Read More

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Do you know what the purple diamond is? Read More
Thank you is sometimes the one thing most of us forget to say, so today I am thanking all of you here on Booksie. I want to let you know that I appreciate the time and effort my fellow writers take to read and comments on my work. Read More
Taken directly from my diary. A confessional, raw piece describing my deep love for literature, and why I find the world of words and books so much more appealing than the real one. It WAS a diary entry, but I read it and found it would be a great short… Read More
A night a fun with friends turns into an epic quest for world domination. Suri WAS a normal teenager. That is until one friday night, sky gazing with her friends changes her life forever.... Read More

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I don't only write killer stories, but awesome poetry. Here is one of my favourite self-written poems. It also gives hints at the major novel I'm working on for publication. Read More
jared wesson and amber demains hellish adventures continue Read More
War-hero, huckster, showman and womanizer extraordinaire, Frenchman André Surmain has defied the critics and pulled off something really quite remarkable - forging a reputation for the Lutèce as the finest restaurant not just in New York but in the whole of the United States. “What do you think this is”,… Read More
This book is a huge collection of brand new and completely unheard of scary stories that will most definetely suprise you. Some of the stories in this book will leave you wanting more, some will frighten and/or scare you, some will just make you laugh, and others may shock you.… Read More
THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE A NEW, NEVER BEFORE SEEN -- COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ZOMBIE-ALIEN-SCIENCE-WAR-MYSTERY-HORROR-ACTION NOVEL! (Horror, Thriller, Scary, Science-Fiction(al), Fiction, Drama, Alien, Space, Science, Mystery, Chiller, Terror) When a(n) alien space-ship accidentally crashes down to Earth in a field in the state of New York, scientists examine the alien… Read More
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