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Biography Carl Lewis French Read More
The double standards of politicians. An article written by Ted Bauman. Read More
This novel revolves around the life of a fictional character Robin and his fight, along with his colleagues, against a computer hacker ‘Alexander’, who has taken over the fastest supercomputer on the planet that was created by some US security agencies to pry on the world. The hacker launches all… Read More

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January 15, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Our privacy is in trustworthy hands...... Read More
A changing view of Edward Snowden Read More
George Orwell's Perspective gives the reader a very brief historical background regarding the state of technology at the time 1984 was published. It then describes a parallel to our current state of technology with the state in Orwell's time. Given George Orwell predicted the current abuses of technology the essay… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I believe my anger at our governments invasion of our privacy has ignited a need to rhyme in ways that make me smile and show my disdain for absolute power bestowed on the NSA. Read More
Following the recent revelations about the National Security Agency surveilling American citizens, we need to examine the impact of these programs in the context of our nation's laws and propensity for abuse going forward. Read More
The Utah Data Center is another sign we are heading towards a full blown dictatorship in America. Read More
Say hello to Jennifer, Jake and Jessie! They are your typical 'kids next door' but with an extraordinary talent for building the most incredible robots. The trouble is, they have run afoul of Corporate giant Robo-Con and its ambitious and evil CEO Mr. Tolliver—who wants to take the 3J Robotics’… Read More
This is a novel with REALLY short chapters. It's about a girl whose life is turned upside-down when...I won't ruin it for you. But it's cool. Trust me. Read More
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