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After a nuclear war between Russia and USA, the States were at ruin. Some people found shelter in 'Crypts'. Some say there aren't many left. In Utah there were 75. Josh lives in the 75th Crypt there. One day he finds out something that changes his life completely and… Read More
In 2015, there was a World War that ended in a Nuclear Holocaust for everyone. Most countries that were able to flee before the warheads hit their country made it past Ellis Island and into New York. Soon after New York was hit. A month passed and the radiation cleared… Read More
Florida is destroyed, Mexico is destroyed, America is destroyed. After traveling to The Outpost in Mexico to find a sanctuary, their stay lasted around 3 months while they fought a war and kept everyone together. Now they're back on the road, with a new destination in mind; the remains… Read More
Suppose Trump and his macho buddies destroy this world, what will the new world be like if the ladies step in and take over? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I keep getting the impression that Trump is going to blow up the world. This causes me to wonder what it will be like. That special day when your world evaporates shortly after returning from lunch. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Only part of this is fiction, and that part seems to be shrinking. Read More
After Anikan Sestral and his friend group living in the island sanctuary of Tazader City, realized that Russia was launching nuclear weapons on the country in 7 days and a plauge of Mutants starting, they set off to Florida in order to escape the doom that was coming. But the… Read More

Poem / War and Military

September 04, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A plea for sense to prevail. Read More
A couple find themselves thrown into a dangerous new world when their town is wiped out by an atomic explosion. Will they make it to safety? Read More
A Short Story I wrote years ago describing the last day of the last human. Read More
Amelia lives on the streets with her brothers and several friends in the year 2727, after a nuclear war. But her life is quickly turned around when death visits, and Amelia discovers secrets, falls in love, feels betrayal, and survives the impossible. And enters into something that has been secretly… Read More
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