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A general short synopsis of Blackmailed Bride. Read More
This is a quick how-to article on erotic writing in novels. Read More

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She's an exotic pole dancer with holistic demands and he's a book cover artist who stinks of linseed oil and turpentine. Do they have a chance? Nobody's bettin' on it. Read More
slave leia organa meets her humiliating demise. Read More
On the way to Goa I decided to meet my office mate Swati. What was supposed to be a casual meeting turned out to be hot and steamy event. Read More
It was meant to be an enjoyable Saturday night out. Unfortunately, devil worshippers had other ideas. Now they're starving to death in a cellar, with only hanging as a way out. Read More
Part two of the short story, in which a muse appears before a painter who has lost love of painting. Read More
After rescuing a teenage hiker from a fate worse than death, Henry Larond returns, much to his chagrin, to find the two Mormon missionaries, Smith and Wesson, painting the white picket fence in front of Mary Thornberg's Boarding House. An angry argument then ensues between Henry and Mary as a… Read More

Poem / Memoir

November 24, 2015

Memories Read More

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Three stories one object first is at 17 about kush and subhi second is at 21 about raj and isha third is at 25 about shivam and riya circle skirt mini skirt long skirt story only for 16+ Read More
A guy and a few cops have an encounter with eachother. It's really a pleasant one, since the mysterious guy has a view tricks... Read More

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A nerdy photographer pounces on a project two women have for him. Little does he know what he is getting himself into... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

We know that much of the time, things come down to luck. Just pure, stupid-ass, roulette wheel luck. If you’re lucky in money, then you have a lot in life. If you’re not lucky in money, then to have a lot less is your lot in life. If you’re lucky… Read More
This is an "R" rated fiction story about a young woman wanting to make money posing nude for magazines. Read More

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Sketching nude model for art class Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 13, 2012

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please read in the nude Read More

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A story about a young girl with a dream that drives her to her demise Read More

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Holly is the next victim of a crime circle because of her very rich father. Ethan, the leader, captures and strips her to show he means business. But when his companions act upon the chance of having a naked captive girl Ethan takes her away with him to Los Angeles.… Read More
This is an alternate version of the novel of the same name. I'm trying it from a first person perspective instead of third person like the other one is written in. If you read them both, please let me know which one you like better. As always, comments, both good… Read More
Sam West, ex-military, takes on the job of protecting Morgana Tyson, billionaire heiress, from an unknown assailant. Posing as the young heiress' new boyfriend, the simple protection job turns personal when Sam's own family is threatened. Read More
A man copes with being a regular at a strip club. Read More
part one. i started to type it randomly, and i got all part 1 done. do not know about a part two yet, need to think about it. :) Read More
Short story tie-in to my Moonlit Wings novels. Mya persuades the dark angel, Mazriel to pose nude for her new painting and is forced to deal with his ego, his teasing, his seduction, and his lovesick heart. Read More
Short story tie-in to the Moonlit Wings series. Mya persuades the dark angel, Mazriel to pose nude for her next painting and is forced to deal with his ego, his teasing, his seduction, and his lovesick heart. Read More
After the defeat of fake Iron Man, the nameless hero gets caught in the middle of a terrorist attack so he creates a team of pop-culture icons to counter attack the ruthless terrorists Read More
The funniest story you will ever read, period. Read More
A laid-back businessman who commutes from an island to work in the city as a financial consultant has a reputation for being 'a naughty boy' with the ladies. A rather prudish American young woman who expects males to behave like gentleman arrives to live near him and they clash. Read More
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