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This author will not attempt to detail too much of JFKs life as many hundreds, if not thousands of books and articles written about this subject that precede this one have done in detail. The belief is that most of those works dealt with actual conditions and facts on… Read More
Your LifePath is thee most important aspect of your time on earth, and for many the process begins before you arrive. In the natural order of the Universe, one must understand one's strengths and weaknesses before embarking on this grand journey. The tools provided herein are designed to assist… Read More
The desire to see the unseen, learn about the future events especially about one's own life and those of near and dear ones and all such wishes and fantasies are the hallmark of the human race. Read More
Critical analysis of the "so-called" evidence in support of astrology and numerology. Shows marked comparison with 'Life Cycles', which is derived from biographical data. This is an Op-Ed style spiritual article. Read it if you want the truth. Read More
These four basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water, about which the Modern Science now believes that they do not cover the definition of elements, are the essential part of all the creations of the universe. The existence of the total material world is because of these elements. This first… Read More
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