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We are often blinded with how elderly may be treated, either by family or a community. We always forget about something, big or small, that makes us truly happy. One woman's will for that one last touch of happiness makes her go through undesirable pain. Read More
This is a short story I wrote for class (HSC Advanced English). It had to be centred around our area of study which is discovery, and include two prompts. These were the colour yellow, and a picture of an old envelope. Read More
One summer at a sad retirement home, a young intern learns is set on a new path after learning the story of one of the elders. Inspired by Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried. This is my first published work, featured in the short story and poem collection Ignite. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Madeline is an elderly woman in a nursing home. Her husband is there with her, and one night he starts acting different. She becomes extremely concerned, and thinks about her life without him. Read More
Of all our senses, perhaps "sound" has given mankind the most respite and relief from its cares. Not until the music player married the Web did we really see the magnitude of this phenomena, and of our insatiable thirst for music. Before the iPod, we were satisfied to quench our… Read More
A re-envisioning with new lines and graphics. If this does not bring a tear to your eye, or make you pick up the phone then you are a heartless bar-stool. P.S. in Australia; to play the world's smallest violins in your fingers means... "I am sorry for your plight /… Read More
A social comment on old age, society, nursing homes, families, and death. Read More
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