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A Thanksgiving wish to my readers and to the everyone on this joyous day of thanks. Read More
Another one of my new poems for Christmas Holidays. This poem is about giving a gift and to be given a gift for Christmas. "A Christmas gift makes everyone smile." Enjoy! Read More
Beth Likes Greg. Greg Likes Lucy. Lucy Likes Brad. Brad Likes Greg. What Could Go Wrong? Read More
This is a poem about puppies who are all set for holiday occasion that comes around the corner. As I wrote this poem I visualized a different puppy being playful and all dressed up for a holiday occasion. I even added one of my drawings for this adorable poem. Read More
For those who are hidden to themselves.... Read More
For thsoe who have hide their true feelings out of fear or selflessness to others... Read More
Hi everyone, I have been gone for a little while, and have just returned. I wrote this while I was away, and have a few others I will be submitting. NOTE: to all who left me a new comment, I try and respond to each and every comment, so if… Read More
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