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It is my story on how they wanted to kill me just because i left the Asigidi Cult for Jesus Christ. Read More

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A description of the coming battle between good and evil. Read More
A tunnel vision view of vintage madness. Read More

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just poking fun at "occulture writing" and it's tropes. Read More

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A very long short story, in which a reluctant hero comes to the aid of a lady of mystery. Read More

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The black wolf (a hero werewolf) finds himself up against an evil fire elemental-like creature intent upon burning to death Victoria's populace. Read More
Kamayakshipuram, the novel, is a harrowing horror story with many an unexpected twists and has a stupefying and mind boggling climax. It contains Adult Material in consonance with its sinister and dark theme. Based on a real nightmare, Kamayakshipuram, the novel, is a stupefying tale of carnal occult, satanic rituals,… Read More

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February 18, 2016

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Yakshipuram, a harrowing story of witchcraft, horror, and occult, is a children's cum teen's adaptation of my earlier book, Kamayakshipuram, which is an erotic horror story for adults. It was written by me as per the request of my daughter, Arundhati, who really loved the storyline of Kamayakshipuram, and wanted… Read More
A documentation of my occult journey of the last days in Luang Prabang, Laos at the start of 2015. A meeting with the dark prince (Satan) and the emergence of another period. Starting with inner transformation. My way out. Read More
As a teenager in highschool I get hired at a local grocery store only to find out not everything is as normal as it seems Read More

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Jack, a troubled child therapist follows up on a request to analyze a trouble young girl, residing in the isolated Harlow Manor. Straight away, Jack comes to realize something is not right with the child and may be the key to unlocking the dark secrets to Harlow Manor's sinister past. Read More
A short tale of jealously and thievery. Read More

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Meet Edward Crowefoot:devil worshipper, the most notorious murder in Scottish history. Read More
Sometimes, a deal with the Devil is better than no deal at all. Read More
Names are meaningless, to her at least, all the same. Read More
A Sterek fanfic. Taking place after Season 2, Stiles and his friends are dealing with the impending Alpha invasion which an unfortunate accident results in the teen being forced to take a part time job. There, he discovers a magical artifact that causes the residents of Beacon Hills to fall… Read More

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It's for the greater good. Read More
A two in one short story: The "Dog"-about an abhuman's journey through the Other plane and back and some hints about the imp's master. The "Thing" in the Laboratory-about Carnacki and Reade's prototype invention and the "compelling creature in the Laboratory. All of which happened after R.O.U.S. Read More

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A mysterious creature lurks in the darkness terrorizing a village in Sumatra. Carnacki and the agents of S.P.E.A.R. must find and stop it before it strikes the village. Read More

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January 26, 2015

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After the mysterious death of his sister, a young man is drawn to the town of Ashcliffe for her memorial service, much to his dismay. Read More
A flyer giving examples of man-made beliefs that have degenerated the teachings of Jesus Christ or that have weakens the biblical Christian stance over the centuries. Read More
Some see Alec Winters as a breathtaking, amazing angel, a savior. Others see him as a mind-blowing nightmare, the most terrifying demon their minds could ever conjure. Alec Winters roams the gritty streets of New Orleans as hero and protector of the innocent while he annihilates wicked evil-doers in… Read More
The book reads like a diary of recorded dreams, punctuated with letters. Obsession and boredom make their appearance throughout. There is no obvious plot; the story-line consists of reported dream images, punctuated with prosaic letters from Jess. The first long paragraph read at first like an account from the point… Read More
An unforgettable encounter with the Witch Couple. Read More
Diva, Disfunctional Internal Virus Aggressor. The one and only one virus that even the 'Anti-Virus' can't stop. It has the power to control the computer by the will of the virus. It can opens or closes everything the virus would like to. What is the purpose of Diva? And who… Read More

Short Story / Horror

July 02, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

It's happen to be a normal day for Frey Sieghart. A boy living alone at one room apartment, and also a hikikomori (NEET : someone who only sit in front of computer or someone who never going out from his/her home). But one day he decided to go outside and… Read More
An essay on the occult works of Dion Fortune, aka Violet Firth. Read More
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