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Keep your mind open....seek to penetrate the underlying...dont be afraid to look.... Read More
A down and out gambling addict accepts an offer he can't refuse. Read More
THIS IS SEQUEL TO "THE SYMPHONY'S SACRIFICE" (part 3 of the bloodnote trilogy) Kate has been taken into a mysterious car to escape the Bloodnote uprising.... Read More
SEQUEL TO "MELODIES IN BLOOD" (this is part 2 in the bloodnote trilogy) After Scott's death Kate discoveres the dark backround of the Bloodnote...now she has to ride a wave of fear as the uprising begins. Read More
Set in modern australia, two detectives face absurd and occult murders...finally resulting in their most fearful experiance yet Read More
After centuries of ecological mistreatment the world is left a waste land. A holy man goes on quest to find answers that will bring life back to the world. He encounter his own motives and ambitions. Read More
The Anunnaki is about a failing society that is held together by the false beliefs of it leaders. I’ve combined images from conspiracy theory. The beliefs portrayed in this story are an imitation of the secret New World Order policy of the Shadow Government. Read More
A vampire kills her family but leaves her sister alive. Emotionally and physically damaged she can not move on with her life and decides to track her demonic sibling down. A story of sacrafice, vampirisim and families. Read More
Tom Bauer has a little too much to drink and heckles the night club entertainer, a magician called "Dan the Voodoo Man." Tom angers the entertainer, who places a death curse on him. Tom laughs it off until things start happening... Read More
We all use the power of words every day. We like to think so, at least. But isn't it, rather, the other way around? Aren't people themselves merely products of words? Consider the possibility. For if that is the case, only when words are transcended can their ultimate power be… Read More
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