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Like most of my writing, this uses a lot of symbolism. The name is derived from a modern western occult teaching which states that it takes seven hundred seventy-seven incarnations to go from an animal to a man. Read More
A short essay which covers the basis of Alchemical philosophy and foundation, as well as discusses its origins as both venerated science and system for psychological transformation Read More
A description of my individual path of occultism and how it connects to my writing projects. Read More
Trent Montgomery and Alice Sipher are two government informers working on a similar contract in the future. Born in the colonial world of interstellar space around 2700 A.D. The vast regions of space contains a rich territory of planets, star-systems and space-stations. It is a time where man’s connection to… Read More
This short story is about my own path of deviance, put in a science-fiction context, a context which is similar to mine. It is about a man called Rick, a military sergeant that confronts an Alien threat on a remote space-station. Finding he is the last survivor of an entire… Read More
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