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Collection of Short Stories/ Drabble/ random pieces featuring My own OCs. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The only difference between today and every other day she played the piano, was when she looked over, she saw a boy standing in the doorway. Crying, clinging to his school books like his life depended on it. Rinko is an average boy, with a average life,… Read More
My friend's gem-sonas, including my gem-sona ^_^ Just for a bit of fun ^_^ Read More
Eh, posted this on FictionPress & FanFiction.net, since I didn't want to leave FF very early but needed to post original stories on FP, I just came here. So now I guess I'm only going to use my two accounts on there just for updates on my favorite stories and… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Maleficent and Diaval's love for each other thrived after the events of the movie Maleficent. Meanwhile, Aurora struggled to be a queen that ruled independently and without help from a man. Soon, Maleficent and Diaval would have children. The children were a pair of twin girls named Elianna and Diana.… Read More
one shot series make requests ocs or anime/manga Read More
Dex's father, Rave, and Jax's father, Christian, are enemies. Rave and Christian are brothers, and they hate each other badly. So when things are handed down to the next generation...and people are kidnapped, Dex wants to stop them at all costs. Even if it costs his own life.. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ichigo is killed in a drive by shooting and sent to the soul society. There he meets friends of his that died in a street fight a year ago. After reuniting with his friends they decided that they want to become soul reapers and enroll in the soul reaper academy.… Read More
AU The Bleach cast are going on a senior class trip to the beautiful and romantic cities of Rome and Verona. But will they survive with only two of their four chaperones trying to keep them in line? Mainly GrimmIchi with various other pairings. Read More
Everything was finally back to normal in Ninjago. Cole now lived with his dad, Kai and Nya were back at the blacksmiths shop, Jay was back with his parents, Sensei, Lloyd, Misako, and Garmadon all lived in Ninjago City, down the street from where Zane and his father lived now.… Read More
The energy resources are running out and everyone is desperate to get some. A tournament is being held to see which city gets it. However, there is one participant, a timid girl with a wrapped eye who doesn't want anything but to help her parents to be cured from an… Read More
Post-Battle of Hogwarts, based from dreams. Warning OCs! The new generation of heroes or more like heroines comes to attend Hogwarts. Watch as the four heroines, Natalie, Michelle, Tamara, and Jennifer as they go through evil and drama! First Chapter will be rewritten. Please read it though and provide feedback… Read More
Well...I made this story called Swords Of The Seal. It's about 12(10) swords that are made to destroy one clan's powers. One day some kids destroy the seal and have to fight to save the world while making sure they don't get killed. Out of all of the chapters of… Read More

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