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This is a shorter novel from my teenage years. It is about my real birth, or awakening, if you wish, and discovering what should be the true values in one's personality. A wise man helped me to make that discovery - a fisherman. Read More
PLEASE READ EPISODES 1-6 AND EPISODE 7 PART 1 BEFORE YOU READ THIS. In part 2 of The Real World: Ithaca Season Finale, Odysseus falls in love and this new love affair has some serious consequences. Read More
Odysseus, Penelope, Circe and Calypso take a leave of absence after the funeral of their loved ones, and Laertes begins his business. Meanwhile, Polyxena tries to get used to the island, and Laertes makes a terrifying discovery about Odysseus. Read More
In this episode, Kevin tells everyone to go back to their homeland, which sheds light on Odysseus' bad relationship with his parents, and Polyphemus' fake relationship with his cyclops friends back on Cyclopes. This also sheds light on some other relationships that were not previously seen. Read More
In this episode, Kevin pairs everyone up, and they all take care of Centaurs together as a team-building excercise. Meanwhile, Adreines is baffled as to who raped his daughter, Ouja and enlists Circe to help him find it out. During this, Eurymachus, Elpenor and Antinious form a pact to get… Read More
In this episode, the show is back on, and the men have returned from Troy to find out the woman they kidnapped...is a hemaphrodite! They still plan to hace sex with herhim anyway because they came all that way, and this pisses off Circe and Penelope. Meanwhile, Calypso tries to… Read More
A bunch of characters from Homer's Odyssey are gathered on Ithaca to have a reality show filmed about them in the year 1170 BCE. In this episode, Antinious has tension with Odysseus, and also has feelings for Penelope, while Circe and Polyphemus begin dating, making everyone sick. The Reality Show… Read More
This is one of 5 poems that i had to write as an assignment for my english 1 class, my teacher sugested that i post them online for other to see. read, adn please enjoy and may they give you insperation if you have to do an assignment like i… Read More

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November 20, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Inspired by the painting with the same title by Wright Barker Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Trojan War was the most ferocious battle ever fought on the face of earth. It was not just the war between Troy and the Allied forces of Greece, but a war that raged among the gods who themselves took parts in the war, protecting their side and deceiving their enemies.… Read More
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