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I stand accused of hating my country itself. I assure you, if I were born anywhere else, I’d foster hatred in a similar way. Why? It’s not the country I hate. It’s the people. Read More
Be safe out there! What with all the criminals. God bless the country we inhabit. Loyalty and progress. All in this together. Everyone filling their own role. What a perfect world we inhabit. The imperfections are scarcely worth mentioning. But together we will illuminate the dark with our measures of… Read More

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They shunned me and rightly so. I was spiteful. But they didn't see the cause of my spite. Read More

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"There's more than a way to skin a cat." - Nonno 22/12/19 There's a man who repels all who try him because he thinks he's special. It's me. And I hate myself for it. Yet I can't stop. Keep going. Mania ad nauseum. There's something not quite right about me.… Read More

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why people are full of shit in their attitudes toward people suffering from "mental health issues" Read More

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Status - diminishing all else for the sake of one's own ego. If you're high status then what of those whom are low status? Yes they're scum and you're better than them of course. Read More

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good job and well done wow you abstained from drug use for 12 weeks under threat of legal action here's a gold star ^.^ Read More
collection of short stories, essays, other prose and poetry written late 2018. written 1/9/2018-18/12/18 Read More
Not based on real life events. Just a fictional story. I'll swear on a bible on that :) Read More

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wrote about 2 years ago enjoy Read More
Wrote this like 2 years ago. Enjoy I guess. Read More

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It's a poem based on description of our life according to a story Read More

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just read it :) https://docdro.id/4sSi3nj Read More
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