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A fat lady gets offended. Read More

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I would like to make something very clear. As a female I am NOT a feminist. At least not in the trashy, fat, hateful, pentasexual, nasty, awful, black-souled, lazy kind of way. Those people are just looking to cause trouble. I have been appalled by the "feminists" that harassed Dr.… Read More
I was a little bit bitter when my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and then had the audacity to say that I was no good for him. Well I hope you like it! Read More
The death of Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir after an apparently "private" and "natural" death of cancer seems to me unlikely. In view of the public hate figure she has become it seems to me, more likely, that she was poisoned by one of the millions of people she had… Read More

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February 06, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

I have read some things about America and from Americans lately that have offended my most basic sensibilities and I can not help but address them. Because of this, there is no over-riding theme. As the title states, these are my ratings. I apologize ahead of time for those I… Read More
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