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Declan has it all; money, power and possessions. He beat the odds and worked his way up from the farmlands of off-the-map town Lilybush to an executive office in New York City. However, he just can't seem to find himself happiness. Through multiple girls, multiple cars, multiple flats, something is… Read More
Kimberly’s 46th birthday is celebrated, but she yearns for an office for her business, Madeline declares it anorexia open season and Sarah’s friends try to get her to expand her diet Read More
Kavaya Jackson landed her dream job, working at one of the top companies, Brights'Jim Foundation Inc. She never dream would end up there. Everyone was going well until she had bad run in with the CEO of Brights' Jim Foundation. She carry a secret she doesn't want know one to… Read More
Meeting him for the first time when he dropped off her car keys at the office... perculiar act since she was carpooling. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alicia gets married to Aaron as part of a deal.Hate was the basis of their marriage which slowly turns into unconditional love. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Working late at the office proves to be the worst decision Clive ever made when he finds himself haunted in the car park late at night. Read More
Something fun I'm playing around with. Read More
Written by ERMO on 1/11/13 for her Creative Writing class (5th period). Read More
A man is hoping for a promotion at work. Read More
A relationship destroyed between two relatives Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 05, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

I recently wrote this for an unnamed person dealing with uncool office staff. Read More
This is a part of the 30 days of inspiration that is supposed to help you write stories better. Read More
Sarah the main character, leaves university and secures a job working in a hotel, where she experiences what the world of work truly is gossip, friendships, workplace politics and trying to find her way in this maze! Read More
Musings of les ordinaire mind Read More
A continuation cause for whatever reason, the other story was being a fucktard. :3 Almost done by the way.. But I might do extras Read More
A plot in an organisation to become COO.. the Rat Race Read More
My short story for the Cliche Romance Contest! Heather Lance finds herself (against her will) attracted to Blake Denson. It just so happens that he's her boss, and she's falling for a boss! *If you like what you read, show your support and become a fan! I promise to… Read More
~For the contest~ About the IT Department...hope you all like it! Read More
The colleagues in the office instead of comcentrating on the job entrusted to them, observe others and suspect their behaviour. The movement of two colleagues (male & female)was suspected by another colleague and informed the same to other colleague. He warned him not to suspect on others without knowing anything… Read More
A tip for people in an office environment to not get beaten off or otherwise roused from the safety and security of an air conditioned work space. This is a work in progress. I'm trying out a new writing style and looking for feedback. Read More
My eyes open. Its Monday and five past 7 in the morning. I turn to see that she’s still sound asleep. I move her hair away from her eyes and gently kiss her forehead. That’s how I usually wake her up, and she loves it. We slept late, she love… Read More
Just a quick little thing I did as I was filling out some college forms. It's weird, when you think about college, that for the rest of your life, the university that you attended will be the driving force behind your professional life...Wouldn't say its a GREAT poem, though... Read More
The fourth installment of President Obama's secret diary and late night bull sessions with his porter in the Oval Office. (approx. 2800 words) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

J.D. is tired of her job, her love life and decides to write romances under a pen name but what to do if Ethan finds out? A story including characters from "What to do about Max". Read More
Saix tells Xemnas what is bothering him... Xemnas and saix love!!! I dont own the characters just the plot!!! Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 20, 2011

My bleeding heart, still wears your tattoo. Read More
I was watching the news today this Saturday, July 30, 2011 and was so tired of hereing the same old thing over and over again and decision yet at the White House...and I was compelled to write this...nothing could stop me... Read More
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