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January 11, 2021

an old man who lives down the road. Read More

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A poem about an old man on a snowy winter night who needs help and sees a candle in a window. Read More
Why do so many nationals in the middle east have such a low attendance rate in colleges? in this writing, students in Oman are of interest. The author came by the information for this piece by talking to an elderly taxi-driver who had seen Oman at its worst and at… Read More

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This very short story tells of strange things happening on the bad side of town. Well, maybe not so strange to those who live there. Read More
An elderly man with Alzheimer's walks home when he is approached by a young man. Read More
Bridget arrived at the airport looking for her pen-pal. Read More

Poem / Fantasy

September 29, 2018

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The Poetic Dreamers House

Dont you forget that time goes on evermore Read More

Short Story / Humor

September 21, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

a house believed haunted was not so haunted at all.. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An old man's obsession with getting an ancient clock to work leads to village-wide consternation and debate as he falls deeper and deeper into a fixated insanity. Read More
This is an amateur piece I wrote. You can see how I used imagery, one thing I've always done. Obviously, their story was inspired by death. I believe in duality, where everything has two sides. I believe this story can be interpreted several different ways. I also believe a… Read More
This story you will read about a young boy who has lived through one of the weirdest things Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rain or shine, you will find the old man in the same spot on the beach, his back to the sea wall, gaze firmly fixed ahead, watching the ebb and flow of the tide. As you pass, you might remark to your companion that he is waiting for his ship… Read More

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Poem / Non-Fiction

May 22, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Ghazal about an old man who wants to be young again. Read More

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An old man tries to make sense of today's youth. Read More

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April 20, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

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The Booksie Classic House

first poem i had a go at - about a man feeling lonely and after his wife dying - only having alcohol left Read More
god truly works in mysterious ways. Read More
We all knew the cats have nine lives... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A very short story about what could happen when someone least expects it, just because they were paying attention. Read More
Just an exercise in more emotional short story telling. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story is about a boy, an old man, and a chess game. Read More
Old Ben was considered a fruitcake by most people of Stordahl, Michigan. He dressed poorly, and collected cans and bottles in a rusty push cart. He drank every morning except Sunday at the local Waffle House. Even though he was thought to be odd almost everyone in the small down… Read More
An old man guards the cave of wisdom. And if what's inside is important enough to warrant a guard, why an old? Read More
If the goal of your Christian life is to become exactly like Christ in His humanity, you must actualize new-man clothing to life’s situations. Read More
Question: The question arises regarding reckoning the old-man dead to the sinful nature. Who reckons the old-man dead? Is it the old-man or the new-man that does so? Answer: The answer is neither. It appears as though it’s the NEUTRAL soul, specifically the soul’s neutral self-consciousness that makes the decision… Read More
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