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Song lyric about Jesse Owens, nicknamed "The Buckeye Bullet" Read More
Jacob discovers the plight of the common Townie while working at Shinebox pizza, and elects to try to avoid its entrapments. Ryan is amazed to see his former bandmates, now in a band called “Hallway Depravity”, performing on a Japanese talk show. He seeks to form his own band to… Read More
The story is about the beginnings of The Dark Menace, a trickster villain that loves the game of Life and Death. The beginnings began from the peak of his prodigal youth, to the downfall of his humanity. Where his love for the only person who ever loved him caused him… Read More
Ryan and Depraved Hallway Fern decide to screw with their fan base to promote their new album, Jacob experiences discrimination at his new job because he is an ex-convict and Mayor Sarandon is disappointed to hear America’s bid city for 2024 has been chosen and he must pursue a new… Read More
Rain is a international singer and is very good at figure skating. She was put up to adoption when she was young and grew up by herself. Rain always loved singing,but figure skating was always a first love. One day when her manager thought it would be nice to try… Read More

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Just some of my thoughts regarding social justice and the Olympics. Read More
Jacob has to make a moral choice about whether to stand idly by while a ginger is bullied, or whether to stand idly by while his brother is bullied and Mayor Sarandon promotes the 2024 Olympics in Hansbay bid through the mail Read More
Ethan and Kimberly begin to tighten their belts as they run into financial troubles, it pisses Ethan off when Rob does not say thank you for any of Ethan’s favors and Jacob and Ross make a terrible mistake Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Baltazar, a man living in Ancient Greece is competing in the Olympics in Athens, learns that he should not be so conceited and never to sacrife ox. Read More
Madeline has to deal with a fraudulent company pilfering her money on her birthday, Jacob and Dirk’s Warriors have to deal with a rival gang headed by Logan and Ryan finds out about Jacob’s gang plot while Mayor Sarandon tries to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics to further please… Read More
In tribute to our athletes Read More

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Zak tells his frog friend Burp that the Olympic Games are only for people, so the animals in the garden decide to have their own Olympics in the park. Grey Mouse. Green Caterpillar, Rhino Beetle and all the other insects and animals from round about enthusiastically join in. What a… Read More
Put a condom on my Olympics … it’s time for another round of the quadrennial summer games. And it’s looking to be a hot one in London. Read More
Written during my first year of university. Read More
Superfly tells the story of a group of flies and other insects who live in a dusty old house in Guildford, England, ruled over by the arrogant, egotistical blowfly Superfly. Fashion obsessed, Superfly spends his days issuing orders, keeping the lower classes in their place, and showing off to the… Read More
A Olympic Jingle. Eddie Butler - get this on the BBC :) Read More
This is a story i had to write for my English class. Its a short children's story about when the animals of the world decide to have their own Olympic games. Read More
A 1948 winner in 2012, decides on his inscription Read More

Book / Young Adult

March 11, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Kael Samson is an aspiring Elite gymnast who has a good chance of making it to the Olympics. She tries her best, but how can you focus on a world-wide competition when you're 16 and dealing with mean girls, guys & crushes, and your mega-star best friend? And, on top… Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

January 02, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

South African bilateral amputee athlete, Keegan Mansfield,has supressed his homosexuality until he meets the mysterious Alex Meyer, guitar player, but there is more to Alex than meets the eye. The plot thickens with intrigue, suspense, and a gay, but rather strange romance. Read More
Not a typical sports story, but the genre selection might entice a broader audience. Vancouver 2010; reminiscing; drinking; light shenanigans. Need I say more? [Rated PG for wagering, trespassing, and alcohol consumption.] Once again, I'm posting ‘homework’ - which was a narrow but wide prompt at the same time. The… Read More
It's about Nodar Kumaritashvili's trip to the Vancouver olympics. The story starts when it's first day there. This story will take you through what happened in the background of the story. Plus instead of Nodar dying in the crash like he did in real life he lives in this story. Read More
This is specia design resume that reflects the Winter Olympics that is held in Vancouver in Feb 14 to 28 in British Columbia Canada. Read More

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SPECIAL OLYMPICS WOULD LIKE MORE OF YOUR HELP WITH THE ADULTS AND CHILDREN WHO ARE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED AND MENTALLY RETARDED WITH MONEY DONATIONS to help keep the organization going at this time. They need to make a new catagory for donations for medical help for adults and children who don't… Read More
When training for the 1992 Olympics (High Board Diving), I moved to London to be coached by a former diving World Champion. However I quickly ran out of money. The following story details how through persistence and doggedness I landed a prime job and was able to complete my training. Read More
Michael Phelps made a comment re winning Olympic Gold, as "the impossible made possible"! AND rang resonance with me as my Mentor, Dr. KG Mills, based his own amazing life on this same foundation!!! And, I too, whoever would have thought that I would one day write meta-physical poetry!!! Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 15, 2008

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Inspired by Nastia Liukin winning the gold medal for the women's all around gymnastics in the Bejing Olympics. It was late at night when I watched it and I was filled with a sudden fierce pride for my country as I watched the medal ceremony. So, I harnessed that feeling… Read More
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