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The survivors have lost too much. Their escape of the country, their home in Mexico, their camp in New York. Coty, Maddie, Julian and now Spencer. They're fed up with it, and now they're ready to fight. After sailing to the mysterious island in the middle of… Read More
A rewrite of the crossover story made between Ricky Belmont,, Kathrina Csernis, AnikanDarkness , ????, and myself; We have combined our stories and writing styles for what we hoped could have been a good story, and plot. Not everything is good the first time around {how many games do we… Read More
Axel's encounter with a mutant in the forest Read More
Lili goes off to watch anime with Lydia, but realizes that her whole collection of anime DVDs are missing! She enlists the help of the archer Devin in order to search the island and find the perpetrator that stole her most prized possessions! -cover by Kathrina Cneris… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kat here! As promised, friends, a collection of my thoughts and reviews on the books I am reading here on Booksie! Read More
Lydia Seranno, a young writer and artist living in an old brick apartment in New York. Her father is a doctor at the local hospital that is currently studying to be a surgeon as well. When the old world falls, her world falls too and after meeting up with… Read More
After Anikan Sestral and his friend group living in the island sanctuary of Tazader City, realized that Russia was launching nuclear weapons on the country in 7 days and a plauge of Mutants starting, they set off to Florida in order to escape the doom that was coming. But the… Read More
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