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The ultimate utterance on behalf of good women Read More

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An e-book.jokes and more jokes Read More

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LIFE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE Why is it called life when it dies? Death is the climax of all human cries Living and death do not blend together Living and life should last forever.. The poemtaken from the e-book The Poems of Elisha continues https://rocketr.net/buy/d9b751675045 Read More

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An audio called THE LAW OF HEALING.Healing is already inside you.Access the full review https://youtu.be/dZKVpR2JAuw Access the book http://tinyurl.com/rolyhaa Read More

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Describing a moment. Read More

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tag. you're it! Read More

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From personal experience of working in the field of fighting the addiction epidemic pervading South Florida. Read More

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Everyday we wonder the kind of activities that took place when we were little well this are the stages and activities listed in these stages by Jean Piaget (a psychologist) Read More
If this sounds confusing and stupid. Trust me, I am aware of that. The clarity that hit me like a rock in that darkness; I had never felt so naive and betrayed. I was a pretty dumb kid. Haha. Read More

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A short story that I basically wrote as a way of getting out some personal anxieties about my life. Some of it is autobiographical but I made a character to specifically differentiate from myself, and some details are different. Read More

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Interpret, understand and implement the adverse effects of social media on the democratic governing body of a society and how a lack in the possession of experience, skills and intelligence in a governing body may lead to a deterioration of the economic and political conditions of a society. Furthermore, understand… Read More

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I wish I'd never met you Maybe it wouldn't hurt As much as it does now Read More

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The life of a cat, sitting on the windowsill. Read More

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Short Story / Other

December 25, 2016

So!? what's the proper question!? Read More

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On the record as for record. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

January 21, 2012

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To the person who dosent know when to quit. Read More
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