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What is love? When you say, you want someone, do you really know what you want? How much does the society influence your love life? How much does your religion help you get love? Read More
We are two different people with different faces and details. We are two different people - and they call us Albireo. Read More
Some thoughts perhaps. Alternate account: Read More
When love isn't returned, denied or is one-sided Read More
You loved him for three years and collected all your strength and courage to confess but all you get back was " She's nothing to me". They are still friends but did she really moved on? Read More
Every one sided love that I try to get over you are there but when I find a new one side love you disappear . Now that new one sided love is over you reappear. The first question you ask me was always ," May I borrow your eraser?" Read More

Poem / Romance

August 02, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

I wish I could love you Read More
Falling in love with someone because of your classmates' teases. Read More
It's about a girl who loves one of her best friends even though she knows that it's impossible for him to love her back. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Beautiful, destructive, tragic Nothing can change it; not even magic. Yet I’m still here, waiting. This feeling is strong as ever; never fading Read More
this is a poem I write based on a friend of mine who was in an abusive relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. I wrote this poem for her to help her cope. Read More
Eli has bullied Hylas for as long as he remembers. Hylas was always mute and never complained. Eli was isolated. Hylas was social. Eli always resented Hylas, on the other hand, Hylas would always remind himself that Eli had a good heart. Eli struggled with his sexuality, and Hylas was… Read More
A short poem about my one-sided love. Read More
Boy can't you see? all I love is thee... ;( Read More
I wrote this poem for a contest. It is based on the song Superstar by the Sonic Youth. A man first fantasizes about his favorite female singer before jolting back to reality, now depressed and wishing for her. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Mayuri Celeste is the Demon Destroyer. She's in her early twenties on the task of defeating, killing and getting rid of every last Demon [the Carvers] off of this earth. She befriends Kalel Shadows as time evolves. Kalel is a Vampire, and friend of Mayuri and she's is going through… Read More
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