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This is an article "Everything You Need to Learn About Twitter's 2020" by Marc Primo Warren For every entrepreneur who uses Twitter as their main social media platform for business, learning about the latest updates that happened on the platform is essential to maximize their marketing results. While Twitter's popularity… Read More
this is an article "getting the most out of your online presence in 2021" by marc primo warren. the online market has maintained its winning streak despite covid-19 and marketers are now looking for new ways to thrive in 2021. while there are many opportunities out there, particularly for small… Read More
This is an article "How to Get More Comments For Your Instagram Posts" by Marc Primo Warren. Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms out there where brands can effectively connect with consumers. As people were forced to stay home during COVID-19 lockdowns, online entities and commercial… Read More
This is an article "What Gen Z Really Thinks About YouTube" by Marc Primo Warren. Since it first went online in 2005, video-sharing platform YouTube became a virtual classroom of sorts for both young and older generations. Today, it has come a long way from being just another Pandora's Box… Read More
This is an article "Auditing Your Presence Online" by Marc Primo Warren. No good businessman would want to invest on something he can't measure and that is especially true when it comes to your online presence performance. Knowing how much impact you get from the cumulative efforts you have undertaken… Read More
This is an article "Making Referrals Work for Your Online Presence" by Marc Primo Warren. Each comment on your social media account has the potential to either be a huge boost to your online presence or a cause to its decline. For sure, all of us have felt that excitement… Read More
This is an article "Overhauling Your Brand Recall" by Marc Primo Warren With social media advertising budgets doubling globally in 2020, brands continue to reinvent themselves to secure a place in consumers minds. Doing the math, if one online user encounters about 1,700 banner ads a month, but only really… Read More
This is an article "Making Your Presence Felt in the Next Normal" by Marc Primo Warren Building a startup from scratch takes an enormous amount of courage. However, it takes more than just bravery to weather the current economic storm brought about by COVID-19 and emerge victorious in the next… Read More
This is an article "Protecting Your Content From Cyberthieves" by Marc Primo Warren. It's pretty surprising how today, only 5% of companies have their internal content protected by security tools considering that it only takes an average of 39 seconds for hackers to breach a company's cyber security protocols. While… Read More
This is an article "Turning Trolls Into Top Followers" by Marc Primo Warren. Most personal ventures are rooted in passion. Whether coming up with bright ideas for a business, showcasing your talents via blogs, or offering online services in the digital marketplace, you'll need to feed that passion fuel to… Read More
This is an article "How to Stay Productive on Social Media" by Marc Primo. Social media can work both ways. For many, it is still the best way to gather news and information about everything?-?from friends to the community. For others, it can be a tool to promote polarisms, political… Read More
This is an article "The Importance of Graphic Design in Your Online Presence" by Marc Primo Warren. Why do companies spend significant slices of their budgets on marketing and advertising? That's to simply stand out from the competition. The same goes when you want to boost your online presence in… Read More
This is an article "Curating Research Materials for Content" by Marc Primo Warren. Many are still grasping at straws when it comes to curating research materials for online content. Collating useful references and links that will keep your online followers interested and give you a better online presence requires an… Read More
This is an article "Where to Start on Social Media" by Marc Primo Warren. Transitioning from conventional marketing practices to doing digital efforts on social media may be easy enough when you know how it works. However, posting at random on any of the available social media platforms out there… Read More
This is an article "The PR Sense in Your Online Presence" by Marc Primo Warren. Digital PR is one of those marketing strategies you can't do without, especially if you're just starting out in establishing your online presence. Though there are many similarities to traditional PR, this new wave of… Read More
This is an article "Make Money Out of Live Streaming" by Marc Warren. So much has changed since live video gaming platform Twitch bolstered the popularity of live streaming. These days, creating such content is not exclusive to playing video games and becoming influencers in the process anymore. Today, live… Read More
This is an article "Overcoming the Challenges of Content Management" by Marc Warren. Content management is definitely a very big part in creating an online presence. Whatever idea you put out online defines your brand and who you are and is a very big factor in how you can further… Read More
This is an article "Tips on Giving Your Business a Boost Online" by Marc Warren. If you are running a small business that needs a much needed boost online, simply setting up a website and social media accounts won't really be enough to create more online traffic. The first things… Read More
This is an article "How Blogging can Help Your Business Grow in 2020" by Marc Warren. A business can have a difficult time with recall and lead generation without any online presence these days. With the rise of digital marketing, blogging has been an essential tactic to drive online traffic… Read More
This is an article " How to Create a Facebook Page for Better Online Presence" by Marc Warren. There's no doubt about how Facebook has become one of the most essential social media platforms for today's businesses. With a huge audience of 2.4 billion monthly users, it has also become… Read More
This is an article "Managing Your Online Community" by Marc Warren. With all the craziness that's going on today, people have converged within the digital space now more than ever to foster communities and connect with each other. For years, the internet has been a vital communication tool for all… Read More
This is an article "How to Create a Compelling Personality Online" by Marc Warren. Creating good content for your readers, from your 'About Us' page to your blog articles, is important to establish your online presence and brand. Content gives you and your business character and personality, which makes freelance… Read More
This is an article "How to Plan and Curate Content" by Marc Warren. The digital space is endless and creating your online presence can be a real challenge if you don't know the first thing about content and curation. Algorithms change daily and the competition for top ranks on SERPs… Read More
This is an article "All About Blogging" by Marc Warren. No one can deny the power of blogging when it comes to creating one's online presence. It's a digital space staple that continues to evolve into a more exciting platform where you can just do and talk about anything you… Read More
This is an article "Let's Take an In-depth look at Your Online Presence" by Marc Warren. How does one build and succeed in establishing an online presence? A huge part of that comes from understanding what works in your digital efforts and measuring your performance. There's no doubt that knowing… Read More
This is an article "How to Boost Your Online Presence in the New Normal" by Marc Warren. Nobody can really say what the new normal holds for all of us, but what we can all look forward to are drastic changes to the way we live and interact. For those… Read More
This is an article "Here's Why Blogging Matters in Business and Marketing" by Marc Warren. Most freelance writers continue to make a killing out there today despite the current impasse the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to various industries. However, most of these professionals have arguably thrived even before the present… Read More
This is an article "How to be an Authority Online" by Marc Warren. For companies wishing to establish their online presence, drawing a line between branding and creating online authority is an essential part of attaining success. Knowing that building authority takes a lot more effort than simply getting your… Read More
This is an article "Tips on How to Improve Your Online Presence" by Marc Primo Warren. Everyone knows that the online marketplace is now overcrowded, yet more E-commerce businesses seem to sprout like mushrooms every day. Why? Because it's the type of 'survival of the fittest' industry where good ideas… Read More
This is an article "A Simple Guide to Creating an Online Presence" by Marc Warren. These days, an online presence is essential in any form of business. Aside from building your brand on social media and dedicated websites, you get to sell your products and services to a wider market… Read More
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