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A lone revolutionary's last stand. Not a particuarly great story, but i wrote it at the age of 10, it was my first Short Story ever so i'm still fond of it, and decided to upload it here for the "Summer Nights" contest. Read More

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This is a poem I wrote for a friend of color many years ago. It was to make a point about racism in the world. Its a poem that depicts how we are all really the same if we really open our eyes. Read More
An Englishman leaves Europe for the Americas, only wanting to live peacefully with hise wife and children. But the new world has other plans in the form of Indians angry about the theft of their land. The story picks up on the second raid a small band of Indians make… Read More
This is a synopsis for an idea I had Read More
just a poem about the wonders of the sky Read More
A poem documenting a subject journey from oppression and ignorance, into the the light of merely having a choice. Read More
“You don’t need to take pity on me! Don’t you get it? It was just an act. Everything was just an act! Cinderella is a character in a play – she doesn’t exist! How could you possibly think that she exists?” That’s right, she was good at acting. She had… Read More
Short summary passage from the epic "The Flame of Dae". It briefly narrates how the keepers of the seven keys defeated the Dark Wizard and his mentor on the lost land. Read More
My thoughts on school-let me know if you like/dislike Read More
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