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When you keep a note of these moments back into future, where will you be ? This poem speaks about a remaking of a true episode we always forget for the better gift we may share. :) Read More
Arcus is a main stories based on all the short stories i have writed in my life, since it is about different person i do not think i can make a really nice summary, But is a story which touches subjects about religion,homosexual relationship,poly relationships, other universes, and that kind… Read More
The Great Trenlin is sure to achieve success in the world of fortune telling by connecting his business to the culture and vibe of the ancient Greek prophecies and oracles. Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 08, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

For centuries the Oracles have advised and guided the members of the world through prosperity and poverty. Now, in the assigning of a new set of Oracles a crisis arises, leaving a group of twelve inexperienced leaders in the position of saviours. The Oracles go on a hunt for truth… Read More
The feast over the Trojan War, the unexpected intrusion of the God of the Underworld. The prophecy, the visit to the Oracle, and the Fall. This is the first episode in four of the first Season of the show. Script written by Joseph H. Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 13, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

I've submitted different versions of this under different names But I'm proud if this one. Tell me what you think. Read More
In a small city, Phoebe Sanders lives as an Oracle, but in reality she is a time-keeper, one of the elite chosen ones who weave destiny. She lives a fairly normal life, trying to move on from a mysterious ex-boyfriend known only as E, flirting with a guy in her… Read More
In this non-sequitur and rather disturbed tale, a lobster finds himself trapped in a beachside seafood restaurant, soon doomed to be boiled alive. He plans to escape, but he questions his ways upon meeting an elderly crustacean known as the Prophet. Read More
The Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide aims to be a sure selection for the Associate level Oracle professionals aspiring for Professional level. Read More
Everything goes well in the city, till the return of Zinxong. Read More
Based on the hit IGN Trailer, a farm boy must travel seven years in the past to save a kingdom from an evil force hell-bent on destroying it. The pictures belong to IGN. This is based off of an April Fools Trailer made by IGN, not mine. Some of the… Read More
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