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Orin and Selka learn the true origins of the Seer, as well as Il'dria itself. The Seer also reveals the power contained within the Orbs, and the dangers they contain. This is a continuation of a collaboration, From Under the Sea, written by JackCrawford and myself. Visit each of our… Read More

Tags: betrayal, sea, water, orb, seal

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The Booksie Classic House

An aliens home planet is destroyed and she lands in a town where she must confide in the residents to learn to use their powers and defeat Ferdinand before he destroys all life around the galaxy. Read More
If no one misses you when you are alive, what makes you think they'll start missing you when you are dead? A short story about a man who fights the layers of hatred his daughter has for him ever since her mother died a tragic and unknowing death. It is… Read More
there are realms beyond our world where demons are plotting the demise of man, when there is no one else to battle with these evil and extremely powerful creatures maybe just maybe one very unlikely paperboy that can save us all. Read More
Normal adventureres. Who knew these normal people would end up being chosen by fate to save the world? A coming darkness is approaching the planet of Viviton...and only the heroes can save the world. Will the heroes be able to find the Orbs in time? Or will Viviton fall victim… Read More
This is a tale about how a young elf learned about how dangerous a "stupid" orc can be. Read More

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Book / Fantasy

September 19, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Ice is raised for a purpose she doesn't know by the evil, malicious Layla, she has no parents, no family and has never seen anything outside of her home on the 4th dimention. She is smart, talented and beautiful but living a life where she has no answers and no… Read More
An orb of power has Xeoromir the explorer found In the towers of Jarronal at sea so long abandoned A mark upon the hand and a journey to land A market and a meeting An evil long hidden has returned its fear Two horses lent Xeoromir and friend Immahyr to… Read More
ok there are two, the first is of course about the sun duh. and the second, well, it is about Orange sunshine, which was popular in the early 70's. "LSD" so, anyhoo, the title she gave me to write a Haiku out of is "ORANGE" and this is it.................* Read More

Tags: fire, sunshine, orange, orb

Oh' halo laden orb, who rules the night, Read More
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