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This is a University project that I had to do. The task was to write an informal essay. I decided to write about how I fell in love with writing and how I overcame a bought of depression. I hope this read brightens up your day and eases some tension… Read More
What we wouldn't do to win another's heart And how unjust love is Read More
The feeling right before she leaves, inevitable, but unfortunate. Read More
A poem about Cathuria in the Dreamlands. Read More
A short poem Read More

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Now that Orchid knows the Titans are after her, she decided to teleport into The Titans tower to get some idea of what she's dealing with. She thinks that the Titans would be sleeping, but instead is caught and asked questions. Eventually she gets away, but not before they get… Read More
Robin has plans for how to take care of Gotham's newest criminal; or is she? Sure, she steals things to make a living and her reflexes are those of a bat fom hell, but is she just a scared girl who's trying to survive? The bad girl witht the bad… Read More
sorry guys i couldn't save this story, so i had to pubish what i had which was pretty much nothing and i'm rambling so i'll stop now here's more of the story.... Read More
its about orchids, a metaphor for many things. hopefully you can apply it to your own life. such a delicate flower that plays with your soul. she is sexual, beautiful, poison yet delicious. can you resist her calling? Read More

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October 12, 2007

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You inspired me at a glance You are like an orchid gleaming under a celestial moon Read More
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