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A poem on Self Discovery and the blessings of chaos in seeing reality. Read More

Short Story / Mystery and Crime

September 20, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Harry Lawful Harris is on trial for a murder. Might continue this because I like the idea, but for now it works as a standalone short. Read More

Tags: crime, law, guilt, court, order

Poem / Poetry

July 04, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

I am death. Read More

Tags: death, dead, price, chaos, order

As young adult we have the aspirations to become of our dreams in life Read More
A short story that I've written as an exercise, in the form of a prologue. I do hope you enjoy it, and let me know your thoughts of it. Read More
i was born in poland. i love writing about immigration and the consequences of it. i have a bfa in comparative literature and drama. i love literature not just for the pleasure of reading but for the bridges it builds between people of different backgrounds. Read More
Big Smokes order Read More

Poem / True Confessions

September 24, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Unknown society's control Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

During a Gang Revolution in New York City, a time much like when the mob ran the streets of Vegas, a vigilante killer called "Chaos" rises and murders any gang member she can find. Who is she and why is she doing this? Only Camryn Sawyer, the lead detective in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

How will you open your door without THE KEY??? Read More
A short article about how the Maltese Falcon flew to Hollywood and became famous - The bird - The Novel - The films history Read More
Every problem or challenges in life can be traced to principles found in the Bible. Every person, regardless of culture, family or ethnic background, religion, education, complexion, country of origin, position or social status, must either follow these principles or experience the consequences of violating them. Man is affected by… Read More

Tags: world, law, natural, order

Everyone with blue eyes should have died. The Amendment said so. Yet Adelaide met blue-eyed Talon Dophane in her preschool class when she was four. When Talon disappeared halfway through the year, everyone assumed they knew what had happened. But they didn't. Twelve years later, Adelaide sees those blue eyes… Read More
Is time travel possible I think yes and they are sending messages back as we speak. Beyond 2000 a TV show in 1999 with Gillian Anderson, In the program she said they are already doing it sending messages and film footage back in time. They send a beam into space… Read More
A brief story of mankind as a destructive species. I discuss how man is destroying the planet and ultimately the extinction of the human race due to man's destructive nature. Read More
In the mid-eighties, snow-thrower manufacturing firm Toro, launched a promotion where purchasers of snow blower could refund a part of their purchase in the event that the next winter was characterized by modest snowfalls. The amount of money that was refunded was related to the amounts of snowfall thus putting… Read More
All acts of violence, whether perpetrated on an individual or a people are atrocious. None are less or more atrocious than the other. All are abysmal. In order to fight a cause successfully you must have the means to do so and ‘right’ on your side. But what is ‘right’? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this thinking of those late night infomercials. Read More
Institutionalisation: the system indoctrinating the youth to continue contributing to a corporate system. Read More
This is an article of the secret order known as ORDO INIS DE LUPUS who's branches include the free masons and the knights Templars, they were an organization that existed in the 15th century and have survived to this day...They are believed to be a part of many historical events… Read More

Poem / Young Adult

January 02, 2014

Towards chaos and the breakdown of society Read More
On Tuesday, it will be the end of the year and the start of winter. Life keeps on moving smoothly, what with the New Society and our past destroyed, all mistakes eradicated. Except, something is stirring and Sam is restless. The Elders predict an unmanageable winter. But in the New… Read More
Summery?... im about to post a story here... Read More
The concept of social 'order' will always exist, always. There are other ways to interpret the poem, by the way. Read More

Book / Humor

September 15, 2013

Yo. My name is Raven, or, that's what my friends call me. My friends in the Order. The Order is why I'm here and what I want to tell you about. The Order is a normal club where not much happens and we just kind of kick back. That's how… Read More
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