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Thousands of worlds with only a single fact that they share among themselves. War is all that is left. Fighting against foes they know cannot be beaten, all hope begins to fade to a distant memory. However, two of those worlds soon find themselves connected in a… Read More
The story revolves about a young poor girl who is sold to a brothel by her mother when she is eleven. She ends up in a brothel where she is abused and tortured. When she escapes she is handed over to a non governmental organisation where she learns that the… Read More
Its Valentines day and Demyx has a plan to win over Zexion's heart. After many regections Demyx thinks he has the best way to win Zexions heart. Will it just be a day full of regection or will Zexion give Demyx a chance? Not my characters just my idea. Characters… Read More
Xaldin and Lexaouse friendship. I dont own anything except the plot line and so yah...Thats it! Please read and review!!! :D Read More
This is my tribute to XigLux!! I OWN NOTHING...I wish I owned Zexion, Demyx, and Axel but I don't :( The second game is an actual game my cousin and I found at our Grandma's house :) Read More
Saix tells Xemnas what is bothering him... Xemnas and saix love!!! I dont own the characters just the plot!!! Read More
First Zemyx fan-fiction! Demyx the musician sings to his cloacked dream lover! All of this is not mine except the plot!!! Read More
this is a short story about seven boys on a mission which sounds impossible but they do go on to do some thing historical.... Read More

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ASTRO Huntsdale is just an average 17 year old. Not. Well, apart from secret identities, secret organisations, a feisty temper and living with some of the hottest teenagers in the continent. Yes, it’s the truth. During her training at a prestigious academy, Astro meets two young men with destinies tied… Read More
Rachael is just an ordinary 13 year old girl. . . Until she discovers she has a gift, Until she is taken to the base of the Guardians, Until she enters a strange new world. . . Along with her sister Georgia, she meets four new people. Matt, Gerard, Cassandra,… Read More

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January 26, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

It doesn't matter what I do or how clumsy I am or if I say things not quite right my man loves me for who I am! Read More

Poem / Other

September 18, 2008

a poem about how awkward i feel Read More
Eye-triple-E I tasted the words... Read More
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