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It’s the year 2027. In Los Angeles, twenty-one-year-old Gemini Graham – daughter of the legendary Liam & Ceridwen Graham – has led The Resistance for the past five years; following her murdered parents footsteps closer than she knows. It was Gemini’s parents, after all, who founded The Resistance before she… Read More
In the small, corrupt, upstate town of Dodgeton County; John Dough a young mid-level gangster thought he knew all the angles. But when he finds himself in the clutches of hired gunmen with an unknown agenda he realizes he don't know shit and it just might cost him his life.… Read More
Number 86, or Nyx, suffers from severe amnesia after finding herself in an unfamiliar lavish home. After staying there for months, initially finding it incredibly difficult to stay sane in such a place, she slowly starts to recollect past events at a compound where everyone was the same-- or was… Read More
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