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Jake and Dan are weirdos. And then something crazy happens. Average super-hero backstory. But they're not becoming super heros, they're just trying to stay alive! Read More
Alex had been a wonderful gal anyone loved, she was always one of those kinds of people who had just .. a cheerful spirit who loved making friends. Especially one, Felix Blackford. A charismatic and caring soul who someone could rely on whenever possible. How would things like that change… Read More
This story describes a life of a unique family in judgemental society. This work presents how they struggle on their way to be happy and grow morally. Read More
Years ago, at the age of 8, Sandra Tremblay ’s mother, Lily , went missing after a fight with a demon that was sent by the leader of a mysterious group called the Sinners Death Syndicate , who have been kidnapping other children around Vlimeanum . A few years later,… Read More
"Ever since that horrible war, Demons and Humans lived out their lives in peace. Despite the prejudice, this world has become more tolerable. Not peaceful, but tolerable. The world is never peaceful. Not even once. Not even when we ask for it." Read More
A peek into a random day of three characters that you know absolutely nothing about. Involves: blood, swearing, weird magic, and science fiction-y themes. Read More
Summary: After thirty-three sleepless hours, spent running from a crime ring, hanging out openly in a tavern is not on Millavio's list of enjoyable activities. Doing so while nursing a migraine, even less so. The fiddle music scheduled to play that evening was solid proof the gods hated him.… Read More
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