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Here's a nonsense, more silly song I wrote to lighten the mood on my Booksie! Check it out on my soundcloud and stay in tune for an updated version!!! https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/take-it-as-it-is-original-song Read More
This is a song I wrote about discovering who I am, was, will be, without the filter of past experiences and pressure to be a clone of my mama. Here's the link to soundcloud. Excuse the language....try to stop the song before the last 5 seconds.... unfortunately my editor… Read More
Here are the lyrics to and the story behind a song I wrote 2 years ago called "Mad As A Hatter". Comment your thoughts and check out the audio in the link below (Awesome Rhyme!!!!!!) https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/mad-as-a-hatter Read More
During a time of lack of inspiration and motivation, I wrote this song to God asking supernatural inspiration. Here's a link to my soundcloud where you can hear the audio. Comment your thoughts below. https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/inspire-me Read More
Here's the link to the Soundcloud audio: I've recorded two versions. Comments and feedback welcome: https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/miss-you-with-drums https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/miss-you-no-drums Read More
This is a song I wrote stating that even though I felt lonely while single and had a huge desire to have a family, as a child of God, I couldn't count myself as lonely. Read More
When my grandfather passed, I was too broken for human help. I needed my Savior to help guide me through healing and the Holy Spirit truly moved in me and I believe blessed these lyrics that helped my whole family move on without my Opa. I love and miss… Read More
This is a song I wrote about feeling invisible while going through abuse as a child. Scroll all the way to the bottom to hear my thoughts on it. Links to the Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/to-be-seen Read More
Find the link to this song so you can hear it and read along. Feel free to follow me on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/pictures-of-black-and-gray Read More
Here are the lyrics to my original song called "It Is Finished" You can find the audio on my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/it-is-finished-original-song-1 Read More
These are the lyrics to my original song entitled "Without You". Find the link to my soundcloud to hear it below! soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/without-you Read More
Here are the lyrics to my newest original song entitled "Waiting". Links below Read More
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