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Rose having a nice weekend with her father, getting away from her neglectful mother. Read More
Flash's whole life is turned upside down when a certain new friend comes into her life and starts twelve-upping her in everything when Flash use to be top dog. But what happens when the one person she hates the most she starts to fall in love with? (First story ever.… Read More
The first chapter of my newest novel project. I know the name is very unoriginal... But it is going to stay for now. Elyjah Po is a vampire, but not any vampire. A Day Walking vampire. He's not undead and can go into sunlight. But Ely never goes out, and… Read More

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

August 05, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Another smut I wrote. I do not claim the song lyrics in it at all. The song was "Epic" by: Blood On The Dance Floor. Gregory and Stephen meeting up once again for a good fuck. Gregory wants more out of their relationship and has real feelings for Stephen, while… Read More
Just a short smut I wrote for fun. Characters belong to me and only me. Just a lil fun for Gregory and Stephen in the shower. Please leave some feedback even if it isn't all positive, I can handle criticism! Enjoy! ^^ And I know it's all one paragraph, it… Read More
"In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to kill to make things right."-A short piece depicting the thoughts of a character of mine fresh from a battle. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(A FanFiction based off of the Popular TV show, and loosely based around the ever popular DCAU) There are Heroes and then there Titans! The Angelic Lycan Blaze, the newest member of the elite Titans West is falling for Mystic, Robin's old friend from Gotham! But with Trigon back what… Read More
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