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"Be careful what you wish for." These words became real for our protagonist. A short story written for Rhensis. Read More
A short story on a mans journey to be a champion. Entered into a contest for Rhensis. Read More
Story for originalazrael's competition. It's a story of the typical picturized Grim Reaper doing his job. Read More
David was just an ordinary boy. Or at least he thought he was. But when he finds a plot to destroy the world, will he fight the Gods themselves to save it? Read More
This is a contest for those that enjoy writing about the Grim Reaper. Read More
This was made for a contest by Unknown Girl. It was to revolve around a picture. This girl is lost in an unknown world, and must recruit allies for the upcoming war. Read More
This was a poem I was told to write using only the color Red, and the song 'Mean' by Taylor swift for a contest by Heygirlcheer. I listened to the lyrics very carefully, and this is what I got. I do not condone rape in any way, however I feel… Read More
I entered a contest where I picked a Genre, a picture and a color. I chose Fantasy, Picture A, Color Orange. I then was given a plot (Posted before the story) where I had to then right a story that was similar. This is what I came up with. Enjoy. Read More
A small insight behind the Grim Reapers life. Read More
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