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*Warning: Story contains language,& war/military-like events/subjects. Had to put genre as "Other" due to this story has war, gay, fiction, & young adult things in it -------------- Officer Duck Lein finds out about an upcoming war that'll be heading around his hometown in two months, when he gets promoted to… Read More
Eh, posted this on FictionPress & FanFiction.net, since I didn't want to leave FF very early but needed to post original stories on FP, I just came here. So now I guess I'm only going to use my two accounts on there just for updates on my favorite stories and… Read More
(Moved and Updated version of Ellie and the Marauder's Map) Elyssia Sage Caffory is a first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But something strange is coming when she and two red-headed boys steal a map of the school from Flich's office. Read More

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