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Ever wonder how the diamond mark begun? Or how the half-humans came to be? This story takes you back all the way to the past to see the very beginning of this strange race of people. (Based on my other stories with half-humans in them.) Read More
The year is 2017. Globalism and international cooperation are under constant danger of becoming relics of a more civilized age. Countries live in a constant fear of conflict spurred on by the rise of emboldened terrorism, isolationist nations, and armies with no borders. The dignity and value of human life… Read More

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The Euphrateans crash land on Earth as a causality of their home planet being invaded by the Reapers. A horde of fouled Ascended beings who have gone insane and must "feed" on other life forms to survive. A form of electromagnetic vampires. After making the Earth their home they assume… Read More
Search for hope. Hope for survival. Read More
--The original idea for this was presented to me by my good friend Carlos Gutierrez, this is my take on his idea. --Prepare to be taken back in time as The Joker tells the young Gotham University intern, Harleen Quinzel, all about his dark past and how young Bruce Wayne… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Elena Amell had been part of the Circle of Magi since she was ripped away from her family at the age of six. Now, after fourteen years of vigiourus study, she is becoming a promising mage with the help of her friend Jowan. Elena knows her place in the tower-mostly… Read More
Chase me to china Jupiter return/ 12 years since my last domicile all the while I Am Blended tempered Embers warm and blazing like Last Thursdays fire place- remembered and ending Full Moons and saints rendered and sent thrusted through the Gluttony of self as Chiron unearthed from a shelf… Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 04, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

"...I'd faced so many paranormal activities and cases before...But to tell you the truth...I'd never faced something horrible like this..." Their expedition to one remote village at Tanzania had resulted in tragedy. Death, blood, and terrifying scene is the only view while the whole villagers had gone wildly frightened. Edward… Read More

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Description: In Sri Lankan folklore, Kumari Kandam, Mu or Lemuria, is a lost continent and civilization that once stretched from Sri Lanka to Madagascar and Australia Lemuria is the name of a hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its 19th century origins lie in attempts… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

November 07, 2009

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Something old...really old. Read. :p Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 02, 2008

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This young hockey-player's middle name is "Apollo" - and looks like Sydney Crosby's brother! It's in honour of his Gk. origins. Read More

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Book / Fantasy

May 15, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a school project that I did for my sister. We had to write a mythology about the Greek gods and goddesses. And we have to write something that explains the origin of something. it's only ten chapters, and it's really short Summary: Thaniel and Ilexa are forced to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I have always been fascinated by folk tales, myths, and origin stories. This is a story about the origin of catching fireflies and putting them in jars or bottles (obviously this is just my take on the origin). The story is about a "curious" Ms. Paraline, who lives all alone… Read More

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