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Gakuren Akiyama, now an Earl in training, Returns to The Leaf village in order to protect the people & his friends from a rising war with the evil Fox spirit- Satsugai Kitsune who has reincarnated for thousands of years. As she nears the human world, he assembles his own army,… Read More

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Warning: Dub-con, swearing, Yaoi, This is probably going to be the ONLY piece of fanfiction that I will put on this site. This was a joint fic between a friend and I, but she died before she could see whether people liked it. To honor her work I post this… Read More
When Sakura runs into the tHe two people she never wanted to seed again, will she find out the truth of who she is? Will there be war? Hurt?Blood shed? And possibly the loss of someone dear to us all? Read More
o no do they defeat the beat or be swollowed whole!? plus whats up with aqua's past! Read More
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