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August 28, 2017

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Poem / Other

August 18, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem that shows "The Coming of Age" state. The Lion's Den is referred to the soul of a young child who must face the challenges (the beast) of becoming a man. Read More

Tags: poem, other

This is one game that Tommy can't afford to lose nor ever play again because if he does he'll be stuck inside wizard pin ball world forever Read More
Just how I wish love was. How I see love. How it should be. Read More
While on vacation with Vicky's aunt Lucy the gang make a great discovery one that many have a hard time believing that they really do exist will you believe or just read it off as another fairy tale Read More
A group of college students decide to follow a very old runner on his seemingly endless runs. Later they meet, where both he, at 92, and they, 20s, learn about the eternal values of the human condition. Read More

Tags: life, young, habits, old, other

growing down deep inside of Sammy's aunt basement there's a mystery just waiting to be solved Read More
Judith Robinson, a young black woman, is assigned as a Mentor to James Patterson Gardner, an old white man with Alzheimer's. "How the hell is this going to work out?", Mr. Gardner asks himself. And . . . ?? Read More
Judith Robinson, a recent grad from UC Berkeley, is off to her first assignment as a Mentor. She is young and black, her Mentee is old and white. But he has requested her. He has Alzheimers Early Stage. Judith must confront all these problems and deal with them. More problems… Read More
There's something very wrong with Chuck's new car it's up to his brother Tommy and his friend Sammy to figure out what its before its to late Read More
This is the terribly sad story of The Wealthy Woman & The Poor Man. Read More
Champions of the National Basketball Association Golden State Warriors defy the odds when it comes to having superstars place the team above individuals. And Ayn Rand(ism) died. Read More
about dogs TV, Brilo, and Matrix Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jean Hampstead takes a walk on the beach in the dead of night. She reviews her life with Kent, with her family, with her resentments. The cool, beautiful, promise of the pristine early morning proves to be, like so much in life, simply too good to be true. Or good.… Read More

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May 30, 2017

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Poem / Other

May 26, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem Read More
this is a game discrption Read More

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Two guys go surfing, where they enter a sinister twist in the fabric of space and meet a burly hairy supersurfer of otherworldly skill. Waves of reality are distorted by the waves of the cruel sea. Read More
This is just a bio about me. you are awesome. -cptcody (Cody) Read More

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The Review Chain House

im just asking for comments Read More
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